Our Services

Smart Homes


Everybody deserves a little luxury and time-efficient living. We supply smart home systems to control your home from the comfort of your sofa, garden, or even when you are away.



Technology is a huge part of conference delivery and comfort for your guests. With plenty of experience in corporate audio visual , we can predict how systems may be used and make them simple.



We can't always predict our busy periods, and sometimes we just need a helping hand. We are more than happy to offer our services direct to trade.



Whether you have a TV to hang, a renovation project or want to build a full, luxurious system, we are happy to help.



We understand that it is important for everyone to help create a cleaner, greener future. We recycle as much as possible and always look for ways to deliver cleaner smart home technology.



We don't believe that we are magicians. We will ensure you fully understand your audio visual system. Want to make a change or have an issue? We'll put it right as soon as possible.



We love to offer advice, support and ideas right through your project.



Gates, video doorbells, smart home systems, lighting, CCT , multi room audio visual, renovations, boardrooms, projection and much more.

Systems for everyone


We work with trade, architects, designers, builders, end users and more. Feel free to ask us how we can support your smart home or audio visual project.



Building control

We can offer smart building control including lighting, heating, blinds, access control, CCTV and much more.

Multi-room audio and video

Music can follow you wherever you go in your home. Indoors, outdoors or in a media room. We can also provide multi-room video so you can watch your sports wherever you rest.

Access control

Not always at home? We can provide remote access to your property with our gates, CCTV and video doorbell systems. Useful if you have a nanny, cleaner, or have a holiday let. 

Media rooms

Many people enjoy the opportunity to lay back and relax watching their favourite film. We can offer projection and audio systems to suit your requirements.

A system for everybody

Everybody should feel relaxed and safe in their own homes. We can help with systems to compliment assisted living, holiday lets and those who simply have a very busy household. 

Just moved in?

If you have inherited a system because you've moved in, and don't quite understand how to use it, we would love to help. Smart Homes may also have additional security measures that need to be taken to ensure previous owners don't use your system by accident.



Multi-room audio and video

Background music in a restaurant, screens for sports, PA system for meeting rooms, music for your outdoor spaces, we've got it covered.

Hospitality control

We can offer hotel room services, lighting and climate control and luxurious products to cater for your hotel clientele.

Meeting spaces

We can offer full boardroom control systems, connectivity,  touchscreen systems, projection and monitors, audio and more.

It is for everyone

You don't need to be a big business, architects or designer. We listen to your requirements and offer the best solution. Sometimes, all you need is a freshen up of existing equipment, or a few extra pieces to make your business shine.

Maintenance and training

We offer full maintenance contracts on all equipment that we sell and install to you. We also ensure that the relevant people are trained on how to use all aspects of the equipment because we know it takes a team of expereienced people to ensure a fantastic service. We can also repair and service existing equipment.


Schools come with their own challenges and needs, along with a host of different spaces. We can offer theatre space equipment and servicing, audio visual equipment, projection and touchscreens for classrooms as well as offering short term hire equipment to boost existing systems.